Snakes are relatively hardy

Types of Domestic snakes

There are almost 2, 800 different snake species that have been discovered in the world. And that number changes regularly as more are discovered.

But not all species of snakes are kept as pets. The most commonly kept snakes are in the families of Boaidea, Pythonidae, and Colubridae. Although you can probably get almost any kind of snake from a reptile show or online, your commonly kept pet snake species from these families are listed here. Many other kinds of snakes are kept as pets.


A kind of boa constrictor, the red-tail boa is regularly seen in the pet trade. Red-tails grow to be around 10 feet long and don't make good pets for those unwilling to make the commitment to care for a snake that eats large rats or rabbits and can live about 30 years. They are known for the distinct red tip on the end of their tails.

Growing to be about a foot and a half long, these are unique burrowing snakes. They are usually docile snakes that burrow their entire body under sand while keeping just their tiny head exposed to strike at passing prey.

They are beautifully colored with yellow and brown patterns.


Arguably the most popular pet snake there is, the ball python is a very even-tempered, docile snake. They only grow to be about 3-5 feet in length but can live several decades. They get their name from the tight ball they curl up into when they feel threatened. These snakes don't require much in the way of heating or lighting and make great first snake pets.

These are large snakes but still regularly seen as pets. Growing to be 15-20 feet long (and sometimes even longer), burms are usually pretty docile but a little more active than your smaller ball python. Feeding these big guys isn't for someone scared of handling dead rats, or other larger prey items. Due to their heavy weight when full grown and their extreme length, burmese pythons may be better left for adult snake owners.

Arboreal snakes add a little more interest to a typical snake enclosure. green tree pythons like to curl up in an elegant clump and hang onto a little tree limb. Very vibrant green (sometimes yellow) as adults, they max out in length at about 7 feet and are often confused with the emerald tree boa.

Known to be a little temperamental, the blood python is a stocky snake with lovely patterns. They have short tails and can grow to be about 8 feet long. They get their name from the brick-red blotches commonly found in their patterns.


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