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Reptile Store Las Vegas

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2340 E. Serene Ave.

Las Vegas, NV 89123

(702) 914-0500

Store: 531

1631 W. Craig Road Ste. 5-8

Las Vegas, NV 89030

(702) 399-5850

Store: 533

3577 S. Rainbow Blvd

Las Vegas, NV 89103

(702) 253-7800

Store: 573

7731 West Tropical Parkway

Las Vegas, NV 89149

(702) 395-1177

Store: 1105

3890 Blue Diamond Rd Suite A

Las Vegas, NV 89139

(702) 616-7067

Store: 1153

8495 W. Warm Springs Rd.

Las Vegas, NV 89113

(702) 791-7038

Store: 1177

10000 West Sahara Ave Suite 120

Las Vegas, NV 89135

(702) 341-0142

Store: 2128

Petco pet stores in Las Vegas, NV offer a wide selection of top quality products to meet the needs of a variety of pets. High quality foods are available for nearly all pet types whether you have a dog, cat, reptile, fish, small animal or feathered friend. For your dog, find everything from dog tags and collars to beds and gates, bark control and everything in between. For cats, shop a wide selection of essentials including cat scratchers, cat litter, collars and more. You can also personalize pet ID tags for cats in-store, so your pet wears your most up to date contact information. For fish, small animals, reptiles, birds and more, the variety is immense. At Petco you can easily find small animal bedding, saltwater aquarium supplies, bird cages, habitat foggers, toys, treats and more.

You can also find a variety of premium pet services available at Petco. These include full service dog grooming salons, positive dog training classes, pet vaccinations and more. If you're looking to give a pet a forever home, you can find out when the next pet adoption event will take place at your local store.


Sharks, Tigers, and the Hoover Dam! Oh My! "Las Vegas
Sharks, Tigers, and the Hoover Dam! Oh My! "Las Vegas ...
6 Tiger & Fire Salamander Care Tips | Pet Reptiles
6 Tiger & Fire Salamander Care Tips | Pet Reptiles
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