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1. What species of snakes are native or indigenous to PA?
There are 21 species of snakes native to Pennsylvania.
Venomous Non Venomous
  • Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake
  • Northern Copperhead
  • Timber Rattlesnake
  • Black Racer
  • Black Rat Snake
  • Eastern Garter
  • Eastern Hognose Snake
  • Eastern King Snake
  • Eastern Milk Snake
  • Eastern Ribbon Snake
  • Eastern Worm Snake
  • Kirtland's Snake
  • Northern Brown Snake
  • Northern Ring-Neck Snake
  • Northern Water Snake
  • Queen Snake
  • Red-bellied Snake
  • Rough Green Snake
  • Short-head Garter
  • Smooth Earth Snake
  • Smooth Green Snake
2. Are water moccasins found in PA?
Water moccasins or cottonmouths are not native to PA. They are found primarily in the southern states. Their range only goes as far north as southern Virginia. There are only three venomous snakes native to PA; the northern copperhead, timber rattlesnake, and eastern massasauga rattlesnake.
3. Do you need a permit to possess a timber rattlesnake or to keep one as a pet?
It is legal to possess a live timber rattlesnake in Pennsylvania under certain circumstances. The person in possession of the snake would have to obtain a Venomous Snake Permit from the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission prior to obtaining the snake. The snake would then have to be legally collected from the wild in Pennsylvania during the open season and in compliance with size and possession limits. The possession limit for timber rattlesnakes is one. This is the only way to legally acquire a timber rattlesnake in Pennsylvania.

A timber rattlesnake obtained from the wild in Pennsylvania without a permit would be illegal to possess. Timber rattlesnakes may not be imported into Pennsylvania from other states or countries. It is illegal to breed timber rattlesnakes (or most other native reptiles and amphibians) in captivity in Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission does not recommend keeping venomous reptiles as pets.

4. I heard that black rat snakes and copperheads are breeding and their offspring resemble the black rat snake but are as venomous as the copperhead. Is that true?
No, that’s false. It is impossible for the black rat snake and copperhead to successfully breed. These two species of snakes have two different reproductive strategies. The copperhead give birth to live young encased in a sac while the black rat snake lays eggs which then incubate for two to three months. These two distinctively contrasting methods of reproduction make it impossible for these to species to breed.
5. I would like to purchase/sell/possess a venomous exotic snake. Do I need a permit to possess such an animal?

Pet Store Haul 2.0 (Filter, Food and More!)
Pet Store Haul 2.0 (Filter, Food and More!)
syles trip to the reptile store
syles trip to the reptile store
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Advice On The Best Food For Your Reptiles From Petworks ...
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