Jul 10, 2012

Tarantulas for sale online USA

These are our legally required export terms in order to ship from the U.S.A. They are not negotiable. Do NOT ask to be able to change any part of these terms. Either you can comply with them or you can not. If you can, then we can export from the U.S.

1) You must reside outside of the U.S.A.

2) You must be 18 years or older.
3) You need to be a licensed importer in your country with any needed legal permit to import animals.*** Attention: Canadian residents/customers. Yes, shipping to Canada has to be a legal export with customs declaration and wildlife authority inspections and the box needs to travel via an airline air cargo. This means the standard minimum stock order of $5, 000, export fee of $295, export box fee of $30 and estimated air cargo costs applies. The good news is the air cargo cost to Canada is fairly economical starting at $250.


(These requirements are non-negotiable. Do NOT ask to pay anything different than the below. We have the lowest minimum order requirement in the trade. IF you can not do at least a $1, 975 in animals and/or dry goods, then you can not submit an export order.)

1) Minimum order is $5, 000 in animals, dry goods and/or dead stock.
2) Export box fee (we have to build a special wooden box per IATA standards for your shipment).
3) Export fee is $300 for orders (Non-CITES animals) under orders under $2, 000 as detailed below:
• USFWS inspection fee: $185
• Our rental car cost and gas to travel to our airport to export: $95
• Our travel costs to travel to Miami to export (meals): $20
Total export fees: $295 + a minimum of $5, 000 (or more if you want to order more) in stock/goods + air cargo costs ($250 to $700+) = your total export cost.

4) If your order totals more than $2, 000 in animals or dry goods, a broker fee of $200 will be incurred.

5) Air freight is estimated to cost between $250 (to Canada and Mexico) and $550 to $600+ to Europe and $650+ to Asia depending on size of your order.

Airline options:

We ship with Air Canada and Delta Airlines. You need to make sure your country's airport to receive this shipment has one of those airlines with flights to that airport.

What can and can NOT be shipped:

We can ship live captive-born and wild-caught invertebrates, preserved dead stock, reptiles and dry goods.

We can NOT ship CITES II invertebrates (Brachypelma and Pandinus genera) or CITES reptiles

Shipping schedule:

After your order is confirmed, shipping can take between 4 to 8 weeks on average to prepare the shipment, collect any species needed, schedule the flight and prepare all shipping containers and boxes. We ONLY schedule and ship boxes out on Mondays so you need to be able to pick the shipment up on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

IF there is special stock/goods that needs to be collected/acquired from other country imports and/or special collectors, the export can be delayed until that is complete. This usually can happen within 4 weeks to 16 weeks. RARE stock/goods is typically the case for this situation. Export customers should know going into an export order what is common and what is rare and how patient to be for that type of an order.


We do NOT guarantee live arrival for exported animals due to the fragile nature of international airline shipping and potential of delays, etc., but we will consider DOA credit towards next order if customer provides proof with good photos emailed to me. You must pick up and inspect the shipment within 12 hours of arrival or the DOA credit possibility will be forfeited. YOU are responsible for having all required permits and papers needed on your end to import into your country. Failure to have these important permits/papers is NOT my fault and I will not be held responsible for any losses or confiscations.

Payment/Business terms:

1) Send your order in via email

2) Await for our confirmation email verifying stock availability and payment details.
3) Once this is emailed to you, payment options will be presented via email.
4) For export orders, our ONLY acceptable forms of payment are Western Union and MoneyGram.
5) A 50% deposit is required to reserve your stock and start the export process.
6) 100 % Prepayment is required BEFORE shipping can take place.
7) Order must be paid for and shipped out no later than four weeks upon making the initial order. Additional weeks will incur a $20 feeding/maintenance fee added to your final invoice.
8) Once your order is submitted via online ordering and/or email or phone call, and we have confirmed availability and asked for payment and you have paid the full balance or made any amount of deposits, all sales are final. We have reserved the order for you and your are obligated to receive it. If for any reason, We can not ship you the order you paid for, we will attempt to arrange for acceptable substitutions. There are no refunds. Export orders are complicated orders that incur lots of time, complicated coordination with many people involved including collectors, other imports, cargo reservations and government agencies. Once your order is submitted and paid for, all sales are final and we will carry the order out to have it shipped as soon as everything is ready to export.

*** By ordering from us, you have checked with your local, state/province and national/federal wildlife authorities and have complied with all necessary laws and requirements to order and keep these type of animals and have acquired any necessary permits needed for that. You also acknowledge that you are aware these animals have the ability to either bite or sting and inject venom, flick urticating hair, constrict or scratch, and that I do NOT advocate handling of these animals. You also agree NOT to hold Todd Gearheart, his staff, members or representatives responsible for any injury you or others may receive as a result of your having these animals. This applies to either direct or indirect injury or damage. You further agree that you take full responsibility for the consequences resulting from keeping these animals, both to yourself and to others, to yours and their property, and will keep Todd Gearheart, as well as all people connected with his business free of all liability for injury or damage of any and all kind. I am not trying to scare you, only to impress upon you that these animals require responsible keeping. Novice keepers should read a good book like Sam Marshall's "Tarantulas and Other Arachnids" and visit an educational site like and read all beginner-type of articles before purchasing and keeping a tarantula, other invertebrate, reptile or exotic animal.

Todd Gearheart

Source: tarantulaspiders.com

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