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She says it came as a shock when someone swiped one of her rarest reptiles.

"He stole our $200 black pastel ball python, " Bjugan said.

After getting the call on Friday, January 8th that the snake was gone, Bjugan spent the better part of her Saturday reviewing surveillance footage.

"There's cameras everywhere - and you'd think that people would see them, " Bjugan said.

When Bjugan spotted the thief on surveillance video she said she was even more shocked to see what he did after he reached into the snake's cage.

"You'll see him put it in his pants - yuck. Just drops it right in the front, " Bjugan said.

A short time later, the surveillance video shows the man waddle out of the store.

"Trying to act like there's not a snake in his pants, " Bjugan said.

Bjugan says she's seen this particular man in her shop before - but this time, he was with a blue-haired woman who seemed to be in on the theft.

"He gave her the keys to the car, " Bjugan said.

Now, the search is on for the man responsible for this thef.t

"Anytime anything like this happens, it's very frustrating. We work very hard to make a living and run the business, " Bjugan said. "He's lucky it wasn't feeding day. Feeding days are on Mondays. And they're very hungry."

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