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Salamander eggs for sale

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Re: Axolotl Eggs For Sale!

* Also, I now believe that one of the babies from one of the earlier batches is either chimera or harlequin!! Same parentage as the eggs I'm offering for sale. I'm so excited
I will post pics today and get other's opinions on this axie's unusual color!


Originally Posted by Bette This time around, the current eggs are a mix of these color morph crosses: Golden Albino x Dark Wild Type, & Golden Albino x Leucistic! Crazy good prices, and shipping is included!
Previous hatches produced beautiful light & dark shades of wild type, golden albino, albino, and leucistic.
Eggs are already starting to develop! Starting shipping today

My updated flat rates are as follows-

Flat rates(which include both the egg(s) AND the shipping!):
1-30 eggs + priority shipping= $25
31- 50 eggs + priority shipping= $35
51-75 eggs + priority shipping= $40
76-100 eggs + priority shipping= $45
101-200 eggs + priority shipping = $65
201+ *Contact to discuss rates*

A few of my axolotls: Mosaic, F.Leucy, GFP Blk Mel, GFP Grey Spotted Mel, Albino, Copper, Purple, GFP Purple, Golden Albino. Juveniles available now! Check out my Facebook page: Aquarius Axolotls

See also:
  • Amazing love my wife images here

Buy Axolotls for Sale - Water Dragons Video
Buy Axolotls for Sale - Water Dragons Video
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Tangerines for sale
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