Reptiles for Adoption

Meet Kyle and his new friend, a female, Ball Python. Kyle and his parents have adopted this snake for Kyle. As you can see from the picture Kyle's parents sent, both the snake and Kyle are very happy.

Dear Snakeman's Snake Shows,

We at TheBeardedDragon.org truly admire those who dedicate time out of their lives towards helping reptiles (whether lizards, snakes, or turtles). As many people know, a healthy reptile requires a specific diet and a habitat unique to its natural environment. This not only requires a lot of time and money, but also involves having a wide range of knowledge dealing with reptiles which we feel truly shows your dedication.

Without reptile sources like Snakeman's Snake Shows, countless reptiles would not get the care they need and many reptiles may have never found happiness. Because of this we wanted to show our appreciation towards your staff for not only saving reptilian lives but also for improving the quality of life for many reptiles. So we are pleased to present Snakeman's Snake Shows with our Reptile Rescue & Relief Award.

We thank you for all the time and hard work your organization provides for reptiles in need. We understand what a difficult task this can be and hope that this letter and award will show you how much you really are appreciated.

Thanks again for all that you do!

Best regards,


Chief Editor, The Bearded Dragon

Please, partner with us in educating the public on the importance of snakes in our environment and helping to find unwanted pet snakes a good forever home. Making a donation in any amount will help us to continue in our efforts.

We can't offer our free school shows and run our rescue and adoption without your help. Heating, gas, food and other expenses have to be covered for us to continue our services. If you would like to help us by making a donation, you can do so by credit card or PayPal. Just click the button below to make a donation.

Thank you for your help.

Jerry & Kathi

Part of our services are to make sure that every snake has a good home. This means that we rescue snakes and adopt out snake to anyone looking to give a snake a good home.

If you have a snake that you no longer want or can no longer keep, we will take it from you. These snakes are sometimes offered for adoption to a good home. There is an adoption fee for each snake, that covers the cost of keeping the snake and any other expenses that have occured. The adoption fee is non refundable, if you decide to return the snake to us. Please make sure you research all there is about keeping a snake as a pet, they are different than keeping furry pets. We will be more than happy to answer any questions about keeping a snake that you have. All snakes that are up for adoption have been with us for a period of time so we can determine that they are, disease free and what their temperament is.

We also will take sick or injured snakes and give them the care that they need.

If you wish to adopt or surrender a snake with us you can use the form, located on our contact page,

or call: 845.283.2795

Most of the common snakes we have for adoptions are Boas, Ball Pythons and Corn Snakes.

We also take large snakes and venomous snakes which are illegal for most to keep, but we have or will get the proper licenses for them.

Source: jerrythesnakeman.com

The Lizard House Reptile Rescue Centre - Think Adoption First!
The Lizard House Reptile Rescue Centre - Think Adoption First!
Reptile Adoption
Reptile Adoption
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