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Reptile petting Zoo

Reptile Encounter:

150 lb Python
Giant Tortoise
6ft Black Throat Monitor
Alligators and Crocs
Giant Frog
Dragons, Iguanas & More!
Dozens of Reptiles, Amphibians & Bugs to view, touch & learn about!
Great for ALL AGES
ONLY $7!
Open during regular
Zoo Hours

Ultimate Reptile Encounter options:
Choose between feeding an alligator, hugging a giant snake, holding giant monitor lizard, kiss a giant frog and much more! Get trained on proper reptile handling and learn all about these scaly and slimy friends. A reptile lovers dream! Get the full reptile experience!

$54 for 45 minutes: Choose 2 of the giants to interact with and get up close and personal with! Plus handle and interact with a variety of other reptiles, amphibian, and arachnids.
add photo CD

$50-depending on availability

New Reptile House Tour!

Interested in looking and learning about our Reptiles & Amphibians but not so much in hands on?? Well take a Reptile House Tour! Only $2 per person, plus admission.


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Fiesta Farm ~ San Antonio Petting Zoo - Animals for ...
Luray Zoo & Reptile Center
Luray Zoo & Reptile Center
Unlicensed Exotic Petting Zoo Accidents - S01E07
Unlicensed Exotic Petting Zoo Accidents - S01E07
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