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Welcome to The Venom Pit Snake Park, East London!

Situated inside Python Park on the Friendly N6 just 10km from Beacon Bay North, you will find the remarkable outdoor family friendly reptile park – The Venom Pit.

The Venom Pit Snake Park caters for the following:

● Tourists & Visitors
● Snake & Reptile Training & Identification
● Call-outs
● Retail Reptile Supplier
● Kiddies Touch Farm
● Kiddies Party Venue
● Corporate Team Building
● Corporate Events
● Staff Parties

Owned and run by Shaun Bouchier and Juan Marillier who are absolutely passionate about reptiles, The Venom Pit Snake Park (previously known as Apex Predators) is rated as the top Reptile Park in Africa.

Tourists & Visitors

Visitors to The Venom Pit Snake Park can view the exhibits as follows:

Weekend Shows

Learn more about the reptiles and view the experts handling venomous snakes and reptiles at our weekend shows, held at 11h00 + 14h00 every Saturday, Sunday & on Public Holidays.

Guided tours around the park

Our trained staff will take you on a walking tour around the park, giving you information and answering your questions on each exhibit.

Party Venue

Our Party Venue is the perfect outdoor venue for your kiddie’s birthday party, where they can enjoy an interactive touch farm experience.

Training & Identification

As the reptile specialists in East London, The Venom Pit offers the following training:

● Educational Talks
● Snake/Reptile husbandry
● Snake/Reptile awareness
● Snake/Reptile identification
● Snake/Reptile handling


Our Specialists respond to call-outs from the public and businesses to remove venomous and unwanted snakes in their gardens, homes or place of work, at a nominal fee.

East London's only exclusive reptile petshop

At The Venom Pit Snake Park, we specialize in the breeding of quality captive disease free African and exotic snakes & reptiles. In addition, we also import exotic snakes and reptiles as needed or requested. All our reptiles are permitted in the Eastern Cape and can be safely transported or exported internationally. Visit our petshop to view current food, pet and accessories.


Southwestern Pet Centre in London, ON -
Southwestern Pet Centre in London, ON -
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reptile shops
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