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Cheap Iguanas for sale

I’ve seen iguanas in all forms of inappropriate enclosures, including a dog crate at a nature center, and another housed with a legless lizard and skink in another nature center.

It may be pretty typical to see iguanas in caging where they have inches of horizontal room to roam. Cages like these are even sold by dealers claiming to be specifically for iguanas, but they are completely inadequate for the iguana's welfare.

Nearly all commercial cages are nowhere near the size that they should be for adult iguanas.

There probably isn't a lot of money in the business of selling enormous caging for cheap lizards, so dealers sell small, affordable, but completely unsuitable cages for iguanas to the masses. I will list the exceptions in this article.

Iguanas originate from the high jungle trees of South America, so no one should be fooled into thinking any iguana cage in the world will simulate this existence. But just as the same for most captive animals, there are caging standards that can provide what an iguana needs to meet a sufficient well-being.

First off, to get a better understanding of what I'm talking about, let's review what the ideal iguana enclosure looks like. It should be noted again that a huge majority of iguana cages are not ideal, and this might be surprising to many who may have seen iguanas housed poorly in zoos, nature centers, and pet stores (by far the worst offender). Previous misconceptions about how iguana cages look should be flushed in order to gain an understanding of the correct way to house large reptiles.

Bad enclosures might keep iguanas alive, but their discomfort and stress persists, and rarely has obvious signs to humans not attuned to reptilian behavior.

*It is recommended to house iguanas alone. While it might be tempting to utilize such expansive cages to house more than one lizard, even 8'x8' caging is not large enough for an iguana to escape an aggressive encounter with another iguana.


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