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Reptiles for sale Free Shipping

Reptiles, Amphibians, Tarantulas, and Scorpions
Wholesale reptile, amphibian, tarantula, and scorpion orders are shipped via overnight delivery service. Shipping on these animals is a flat $49.99 per order, regardless of the weight or number of animals you purchase. If you order 10 lizards, or 100, shipping is still a flat $49.99.

Feeder Insects
All feeder insect orders have free shipping included in the price.

Orders for wholesale feeder crickets, giant mealworms, superworms, blackworms, and fruit flies, are all shipped via overnight delivery to your home or place of business.

Waxworms, mealworms, and dubia roach orders are shipped via USPS 2-4 day delivery. If waxworms or mealworms are added to a cricket order, they too will be shipped via overnight delivery in the same box. Hornworm orders are shipped via 2-3 day delivery, and red wigglers are shipped on Mondays only via 2-4 day delivery.

Signature Requirement
All orders containing reptiles, amphibians, tarantulas, or scorpions require signature at the time of delivery, so please make sure someone will be available to sign. The packages will not be left without a signature, and we will not waive this requirement upon request. If you do not plan to be available at the time of delivery, please instruct us to have your order held for pick-up at your local FedEx station (coincidentally this is actually the safest shipping method).

We will e-mail you a tracking number during the afternoon on the day your order is shipped. Our shipments are generally delivered by 10:30am local time.

While we attempt to keep our website as up-to-date as possible, there are times when we are out of stock on certain animals. If at least 80% of your order is in stock, we will ship and will of course not charge you for the unavailable animals.

Box Charges and Packing Fees
We do not charge box or packing fees.

P.O. Boxes
We cannot ship to Post Office boxes.

We do not ship on (or the day preceding) major U.S. holidays such as New Year's Day, Independence Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Wildlife Laws
There are a tremendous number of ever-changing wildlife laws, and we strive to adhere to each and every one. We will never knowingly ship any animal in violation of any federal, state, or local law. Please engage in due diligence research prior to placing an order through our website, and do not ask us to make an exception.

Any order can be cancelled prior to shipment. Orders that have already shipped, even if by just a few minutes, cannot be cancelled or refunded for obvious reasons.


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