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Every animal, whether reptile or not, falls into one of three categories; herbivore, carnivore, or omnivore.

An herbivore is an animal that eats mostly plants. For reptiles this means parsley, dandelion, leaves, cress, escarole, yellow vegetables and fruit are all good because they contain high fiber. Spinach is not suggested for reptiles due to its adverse effects on the animals level of calcium.

A carnivore’s diet consists mostly of proteins that it obtains from consuming other animals and living creatures. The degree of which kind of animals are consumed by reptiles varies greatly. They can include rodents, insects, goldfish, eggs, even other reptiles such as frogs. They can consume animals as large as rabbits and chickens as well, more commonly though, reptiles will eat crickets, earthworms, caterpillars, beetle larvae and locusts. Remember though that crickets are low in calcium and need supplements to help a reptile reach its suggested daily nutritional value.

An omnivore is a combination of these two and does not discriminate in its diet between plants and animals, taking in healthy portions of both. If you abide by the following suggestions for keeping a healthy reptile, you will find yourself with one happy critter.

  • Feed amphibians daily. Remove whatever they do not consume after 5 to 10 minutes to ensure both freshness of the food and the safety of your reptile.
  • Some reptiles need a break from daily feedings on occasion, keep this in mind and take a day off every few days.
  • Snakes that feed mostly on rodents should be fed about once a week.
  • Remember to learn about your individual pet. Not all reptiles are the same and some have very specific special needs.
  • Always remember to supply pets with fresh water in a clean bowl daily.

Also keep in mind as you feed your pet, how you present the snake food is almost as important as the food itself. For example a plate should be used to ensure that a reptile doesn’t ingest soil from the ground. Plant food should be mixed in order to keep a reptile from picking out only certain parts of the meal, leaving the rest and having an imbalanced meal nutritionally. As well, it may sometimes be necessary to separate reptiles from their cages and from each other for feeding, this is ideal for most snakes and some lizards.

Source: www.rodentpro.com

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