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Exotic animals for sale in California

• CAL. CODE REGS. Tit. 14 §671 - Importation, Transportation and Possession of Live Restricted Animals

(a) It shall be unlawful to import, transport, or possess alive animals restricted in subsection (c) below except under permit issued by the Department of Fish and Game. Permits may be issued by the department as specified herein and for purposes designated in Section 671.1 subject to the conditions and restrictions designated by the department. Except for mammals listed in Fish and Game Code Section 3950 Fish & Game or live aquatic animals requiring a permit pursuant to Fish and Game Code Section 2271 Fish & Game, no permit is required by this section for any animal being imported, transported, or possessed pursuant to any other permit issued by the department. Cities and counties may also prohibit possession or require a permit for these and other species not requiring a state permit.

(b) The commission has determined the below listed animals are not normally domesticated in this state. Mammals listed to prevent the depletion of wild populations and to provide for animal welfare are termed "welfare animals", and are designated by the letter "W". Those species listed because they pose a threat to native wildlife, the agriculture interests of the state or to public health or safety are termed "detrimental animals" and are designated by the letter "D". The department shall include the list of welfare and detrimental wild animals as part of DFG MANUAL No. 671 (2/25/92) IMPORTATION, TRANSPORTATION AND POSSESSION OF RESTRICTED SPECIES, to be made available to all permittees and other interested individuals.

(c) Restricted species include:

(1) Class Aves - Birds

(A) Family Alaudidae - Larks

Alauda arvensis (Skylark) (D).

(B) Family Cuculidae - Cuckoos

All species (D).

(C) Family Corvidae - Crows, Ravens, Rooks, Jackdaws

(D) Family Turdidae - Thrushes, Blackbirds, Fieldfare

  1. Turdus merula (European blackbird) (D).
  2. Turdus viscivorus (Missel thrush) (D).
  3. Turdus pilaris (Fieldfare) (D).
  4. Turdus musicus (Song thrush) (D).

(E) Family Sturnidae - Starlings, Mynahs All species (D), except Sturnus vulgaris (Starling), Gracula religiosa or Eulabes religiosa (Hill mynahs), and Leucopsar rothschildi (Rothchild's mynah) are not restricted.

(F) Family Ploceidae - Sparrows, Weavers, Queleas

  1. Genus Passer (Sparrow)
    All species (D), except Passer domesticus (English house sparrow) is not restricted.
  2. Foudia madagascariensis (Madagascar weaver) (D).
  3. Ploceus baya (Baya weaver) (D).
  4. Genus Quelea (Queleas) - All species (D).

(G) Family Estrildidae - Waxbills, Munias, Ricebirds

Source: www.bornfreeusa.org

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Puppies for sale in california
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