5 Reasons NEVER to Buy a Snake

Where can I buy a Snake?

Hair in the drain

This product did a great job of removing hair that was slowing down my drain. This was easy to assemble and use. I have used this in all of the bathrooms to remove with great success.


2 months ago

Works great

I was pleasantly surprised to receive this included with my order of the Drain Millipede. I live in a condo with pipes over 100 years old and expected the worst. This product did the job and would recommend to anyone. Order this! You will not be disappointed.


1 month ago

Hairs the story

Yes this flexible tool allows you to enter the drain without taking apart the stopper. Easy to put together and fast on pulling out hair and other garbage from your drain. I wish I can buy the replacment wands directly in the store, but for now I will have them shipped free to Home Depot


3 years ago

Brass Craft 1/4 in. x 25 ft. Electric Spinner

did the job not as good as the one I use at work but for the price I am satisfied


2 years ago

It works!

My kitchen sink clogs, again! I went to Angies list tried to get a reliable plumber. He was busy and I had to wait a week (of course expensive too). I saw this equipment from my previous plumber and thought I should have one for my situation. It is easy to use, and worked to my clog. I don't worry my kitchen clog anymore.


1 year ago

Good product

Good product highly recommend. Just remember to go slow


9 months ago

handy drain tool

Very easy to use the online ordering. A wide range of products and good prices.


4 months ago

A Good Deal

I ordered this product a few weeks ago to clean out my drain so I wouldn't have to purchase draino. I haven't had any problems and it cleaned out my drain perfectly.


Great product

Serves its purpose. It gets all the gunk out of the drains with ease. Very easy to use.


Super Drain Machine!

This model K 400 has opened lots of drains for me. The only problem is I have the C32 cable (3/8" x 75') and have used it too often in 4" drain pipe, which is not recommended. Now my cable is all kinked, I am planning to replace it with a new C45 cable (1/2" x 75') hoping that will work much better. This is definitely a very good machine! Would buy it again!


3 months ago

Holiday/ Midnight Machine

This machine works great, I was actually gonna rent it out at home depot to save some money cause Christmas was two days away and did'nt want to spend too much money that I already spent on gifts. But this was a re-occuring issue with my main line every 4-6 mo. It just happened that sewage backed up two days before and I just thought that, what if sewage backed up on Christmas day, New Year Day, or after hours to where I can't hire a plumber or Home Depot rental dept. is closed. So I decided to ... read more buy my own, so I have peace of mind knowing I know where my "Hamberger Patties are going".


worked as expected, and I am glad it did

After having paid over $300 to a plumber to unclog the line coming from the farthest bathroom to the septic, I told myself, not again. Not because they aren't professionals or aren't worth the money, but I can buy a machine for less than the cost of two plumber visits and do the work myself immediately, not the next day, or on Monday to avoid weekend upcharges. BTW, forget about low flow toilets. They save you water, but they can't move solids if they are far enough. We have lived in this house ... read more 17 years; changed the old toilet to a low flow, and have had 2 clogs since the change. The machine worked perfect for my needs, so the first impression was really good. Hopefully it will last for a long time. Compared it with the other big box store comparable machine, the specs are better and has a better warranty. The specs on the machine offered by the big Chinese tool discounter are better, but the reviews are atrocious, and the warranty is only 90 days. Make sure to register your machine with RIDGID, otherwise your lifetime warranty is worthless.





This product works great

Instead of a $355 bill to unclog the sewer line, for less then $30 with the pipe job done.Will get another to leave at my daughters house so it is there in case it happens again.


4 years ago

This thing is awesome!

This product worked excellent. I used it to unclog my sewer trap on the main line and it opened it in the matter of minutes. Saved a weekend call to a plumber. Only thing you need is 1/2 pipe to thread in the end.


Does the job

First I tried to clean the drain in our bathtub using a snake. Couldn't get it to go thru the bends of the trap and the next turn. I was worried about the bladder exploding because I couldn't get it all the way into the over flow pipe for the tub. About one half inch did not go in. But it worked. I had to stand on a plug in the normal drain when I turned on the water pressure. A ball valve on the end of the garden hose made control very easy.


8 months ago

Works Wonders

I'd had a slow drain on the kitchen sink for a couple of months, and it finally got to bad to stand it anymore. I tried all the chemical drain cleaners and snaking it to no avail. Bought one of these and followed the directions, along with the tip in other reviews to coat it with dish detergent, and get an inline valve to control the water. Put it all together and pushed as far down the drain as I could, which was only about a foot. Turned the water on slowly to let it expand, then water on full ... read more and let it run for a couple of minutes. My sink now drains better than it ever has. Thanks for a great, and easy to use product!



For $10 it saved me a $150 call to RotoRooter. Very simple and easy to use.


11 months ago

Glad I got it

The weasel was literally "a snap" to assemble. And it's very easy to clean after use. I had been using a previous product from the same company that didn't have the twisting ability of the weasel. I did get lots of hair out with that so I was surprised (horrified) when I first used the weasel to find so much more hair come out of the drain. And, of course the water drains faster now.


clear a hairy drain in a sec

if you've got hairy drains, everyone does, the Drain Weasel is the best. Fast, easy, cheap. Re-usable as well, if you don't mind the phunk.

Source: www.homedepot.com

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