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Colubrids for Sale

The colubrid family of snakes consists of about two thirds of all species of snakes on Earth. This includes corn, king, milk and rat snakes. The types of colubrids we carry typically make very good first time pet snakes as they generally stay within the 3-4 foot range (though certain species may differ). With proper care and handling colubrids are well mannered, hardy snakes. Below is a list of some of the colubrids we have for sale at Pet World. All snakes listed below are babies unless otherwise noted.

Corn Snakes

Pictured: Creamsicle Corn Snake

  • Snow Corn Snakes
  • Butter Stripe Corn Snakes
  • Anery Corn Snakes
  • Amel Stripe/Motley Corn Snakes
  • Oakeetee Corn Snakes
  • Lavender Corn Snakes
  • Sun Kissed Corn Snakes
  • Caramel Corn Snakes
  • Silver Queen Corn Snakes
  • Blood Red Corn Snakes

King Snakes

Pictured: Grey-Banded King Snake

  • California Kingsnakes
  • Fancy California Kingsnakes
  • Albino Kingsnakes
  • Brooks Kingsnake
  • Baja Kingsnake

Milk Snakes

Pictured: Nelson's Milk Snake

  • Nelsons Milk Snakes
  • Hypo Pueblan Milk Snakes

Other Colubrids


snake sale
snake sale
Corn Snake Eating (For sale)
Corn Snake Eating (For sale)
Cornsnake For Sale|Snakes For Pet|Java Petshop Cebu
Cornsnake For Sale|Snakes For Pet|Java Petshop Cebu
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