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Petland snakes


Ball Python

Bearded Dragon

BOA Columbian

Leopard Gecko

Green Tree Frog


Corn Snake

Water Dragon

Frog Big Eye Tree

Long Tail Lizzard

Ball PythonYellow Rat Snake

Golden Gecko

Green Iguana

Hermit Crab

Pueblan Milk Snake

Rainbow Lizard

Rough Green Snake

Calif King Snake

Savannah Monitor Lizard

Skink Blue Tail

Slider Turtle

Fire Belly Toad

Tarantula Pink Toe


Fire Belly Newt

A reptile can be a fascinating pet and a wonderful learning experience for people of all ages. A terrarium environment with reptile inhabitants is like a moving, living piece of nature right in one's own home. At Petland Discounts you can find a large selection of reptiles to choose from. Whether you prefer snakes, lizards or turtles, these long-lived pets can provide years of fascination, exhibiting much of the same behavior in your terrarium as they do in the wild. Once you have chosen your pet, in order for them to thrive in captivity it is important to reproduce the environmental conditions the reptile finds in nature.
Bearded Dragon BOA Columbian Leopard Gecko Green Tree Frog

Snakes at Petland Topeka
Snakes at Petland Topeka
Petland PhoneTap(SNAKE!)
Petland PhoneTap(SNAKE!)
Aggressive Snake at Petland
Aggressive Snake at Petland
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