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Turtles for sale in PA

We currently work with over 2 dozen different species of turtles and tortoises and plan to continue building our captive colonies. Our collection includes Leopards, Stars, Russian, Pancake and Greek Tortoises, Diamondback Terrapins, Black Knob Sawbacks (Northerns), Twist Necks, Pink Belly Sidenecks, 2 species of tropical wood turtles, 4 different types of African Muds and a couple species of Asain turtles too. As nature allows we will be offering the highest quality, healthy captive bred offspring. From time to time we will also offer captive adult animals. Having connections with breeders who often don’t build a storefront like Turtle Towns, we also have access to other turtles and tortoises. If you are looking for something specific, please contact us. We will do our best to locate the animal for you. One thing we promise, is to deliver nothing but the highest quality healthy animals. We will never sell an animal that we feel is not healthy- that’s a guarantee!

Please note that we do not buy or sell any species native to Pennsylvania, where we operate. It is illegal to take turtles from the wild in PA, and it is also illegal to buy and sell native turtles. We support these regulations- so please don’t inquire about any PA species!

Also- we do not ship any animals to states where that species is illegal to own. Know your state’s laws and don’t ask us to ignore them.

Diamondback Terrapins – FINALLY READY TO GO!!

These often sell out quickly… so don’t delay…

Regular Northerns $55 Greyer skin, darker shells, speckled spots

Light Phase Northerns $75 whiter skin, lighter shells, speckled spots

Split Scute Concentrics $125 Minor split scutes, Lighter skin and shells, dark lines or blotches as opposed to speckled spots like the northerns

Top of the line Concentrics $175 Only a couple available..Light skin and shells beautiful lines and blotches. I prefer northerns but this seems to be everyone’s favorite.

Discounts on multiple Northerns only. No discounts on concentrics.

Special for the fall- Order any Terrapin and get a Pink Belly Sideneck for only $99

Pink Belly Sideneck Hatchlings $140 ea 2/$250

Our second clutch of this beautiful species from half a world away! hatched July 25, 2015. Eating and growing- BEAUTIFUL hot pink bellies… really stunning group of hatchlings!!

Ornate Wood Turtle Hatchlings $125 ea 2/$225

Eating like pigs and growing quickly… get your captive bred Manni now… only a couple available

Russian Tortoise Hatchlings $225

Sold Out

Hermanns Tortoise Hatchlings $175

Very similar in size and care to Russians- stay small- great personality… only 2 left

Fat Healthy Female Russian Tortoises $145 each

I’ve had these in my care for over 2 years, growing quickly, heavy and very healthy… not sickly like the cheaper fresh imports.

0.3 P. Subrufa Proven females $575

These girls lay every spring. We have personally hatched thee babies here. Minimum number of eggs per year in the last 3 was 11!

1.1 p Subrufa Olivacea- Proven Pair $600

Also lay for me every year and I’ve hatched these guys as well. Living together, no need for separate setups for each!

1.1 Northern Black Knob sawbacks $650

Raised from babies… medium sized female and a small male.

Adult Male Pancake Tortoise $375

I’ve had him 5 years or more and the previous owner had him 7 years. well established, great breeder, had my females laying eggs.

Adult Proven Pair of Hilari Sideneck turtles.. 1.1 pair $1000

Full grown 10″=+ beautiful pair. active maters, proven female. She has dropped eggs the last 3 years and I’ve hatched them. VERY rare opportunity.

Indian Star Tortoises $595/$850

We have a captive bred juvenile… not sure if it’s male or female, but it’s over 4″ long and will be breeding size within the year ($850). And we have a recent hatchling as well ($595)

Sri Lankan Star Tortoise- Adult Male $795

We have a lone male who has been with us for years- very friendly- Full grown at about 7-8″ long. If you’re looking for a pet- this is the one… VERY friendly and a great personality. This guy wants attention and wants to be hand fed… really- if we had space in the house for this guy, he’d be our pet. Just a very cool, very rare tortoise.

Leopard Tortoise 6″ juvenile $425

Friendly well developed captive bred leopard. Seems to switch back and forth between male vs female characteristics every few months…. Nice markings and good personality… not as shy as most.

African Mud Turtles- Pelusios Chapini Breeding Trio $750

A VERY rare opportunity to own a very cool breeding trio of the Black Bellied Mud turtles. Well established and heavy group here. There’s a full grown male and female and a younger adult female. We just got our first clutch from these girls!! Act now- or we may just keep them!


Baby Eastern Painted Turtles - part 1 of 4
Baby Eastern Painted Turtles - part 1 of 4
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