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Small pet lizards

There are six species (U. aegyptius, U. ornatus, U. ocellatus, U. acanthinurus, U. hardwicki, and U. benti) which are occasionally available in the United States. The other seven species are seldom, if ever, imported.


at least 10-15 years, possibly up to 35 years with proper care


10-36 inches, depending on species


Warm side - 90-95 ℉
Basking - 110-120 ℉
Cool side - 80-90 ℉
* If temp falls below 60℉ at night, may need supplemental infrared or ceramic heat for night-time.


Very Low (desert dweller)


Uromastyx can be found ranging from northwestern India throughout southwestern Asia and the Arabian Peninsula to the Sahara desert in Africa. Much is still unknown about the uromastyx species, but their natural habitat is generally extremely dry, hot desert. These regions drop sharply in temperature at night, so it is important to replicate this drop for the lizard in captivity.


Very social & engaging - generally very gregarious. Uromastyx handle well once they have been tamed. In the wild, males become territorial and can engage in ritualized dominance struggles. Females may also have trouble getting along. For this reason, it is easiest for the pet owner to keep only one per enclosure.

Housing male uromastyx together will create a dominant/submissive hierarchy and will result in one lizard becoming stressed to the point of illness, anorexia, and possibly death. Male uromastyx also tend to be extremely aggressive toward one another and will fight, sometimes to the death.
Female uromastyx may be housed together IF there is ample space and food for each lizard. Two to three uros may live happily in a 75-gallon tank.
Males and females should NOT be housed together, as the male uromastyx will continually try to mate with the female, leaving the female exhausted, aggravated, and stressed. The female may stop eating and become extremely ill.

NOTE: DO NOT uromastyx with other species due to the differences in care, temperatures, and the fact that some species can be highly stressed in the presence of other species.


Uromastyx are herbivorous lizards and must receive the proper greens, grains and seeds in order to stay healthy. Uros require a uniquely specific diet as described below. They should be fed a variety of the following daily.

GRAINS AND SEED: Choose legumes such as lentils (red or green), millet, sesame seeds and split peas. Larger beans and seeds can be ground with a small coffee grinder. Your lizard will not be able to digest larger beans and seeds properly and may suffer an impaction if he or she eats something too large. Dry, bagged bean mixes that are sold for soup making can also be used; however, do be sure to grind these mixes down as some of the beans can be quite large.


Dwarf Geckos _Contest Entry octavian300- Small lizard
Dwarf Geckos!!!!! _Contest Entry octavian300- Small lizard
Small Lizard
Small Lizard
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