The most expensive reptile

Most expensive Reptile

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With any larger collection of animals, comes a great crew. We are blessed with having some of the coolest crew members caring for our animals. Of course you see most of them in our show SnakeBytesTV, but here’s a little closer look at them and what their jobs are here at BHB.

Since Brian was a child he’s had a fascination with all animals, but reptiles soon became his passion. His dream was to work with reptiles as a career. Now 24 years into breeding snakes as his main job, he is so thankful to be able to live out his dream. Although he’s thankful for his many years of doing what he loves, his hopes are to be able to continue to grow his collection of reptiles and not only supply more people with the offspring of his animals, but also to continue to change people’s thinking about these sometimes misunderstood creatures.

With changing people’s perception of reptiles on Brian’s mind, he started the web series “SnakeBytesTV’. Not having any idea of what the popularity of the show would turn out to be, his vision was to introduce “new” people into his world of reptiles while trying to entertain and educate them along with other reptile enthusiast that would hopefully be viewing. Now over four years into the show and close to 50 million viewers his plans are to not only continue producing SnakeBytesTV, but to grow the medias attention on all levels. He has some great plans in the works for the near future…. There will be plenty of NEWS to come soon…

Chewy_renamed_10668.jpgOther Interests: Hockey, Family and Traveling.
Favorite Movies: Jaws, Sherlock Holmes, Zombieland, Shawn of the dead, and many many more….
Favorite TV shows: Decoded, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Walking Dead
Music: Staind, Deftones, Korn, Slayer, most things heavy…
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Lori and Brian have been together since 1989, and started BHB Enterprises together shortly after. While reptiles have never been Lori’s passion she has always stood behind Brian and worked with him to turn BHB Enterprises into the great business it is today.

Lori’s job description is hard to explain as she has her hand involved in almost every part of the business, from working in the office, to feeding, breeding and all around caring for a lot of the collection as well.

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Local pet shop haul
Local pet shop haul !!!
Croc in local pet shop
Croc in local pet shop
20-foot python attacks Newport reptile shop owner
20-foot python attacks Newport reptile shop owner
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