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Local Reptile Shop

The Ultimate Reptile Shop
23933 Nichols Sawmill Road, Suite A
Hockley, TX 77447
(281) 356-3560

The Ultimate Reptile Shop, located just outside of Houston, is the one stop shop for all of your reptiles needs. Reptile owners can count on finding everything they need to properly care for their pets in this establishment. This store boasts a wealth of knowledge and friendly service that won’t be found in larger, more commercialized stores. The “Mom & Pop” philosophy of The Ultimate Reptile Shop is what makes them unique and where those wanting to learn more about owning a reptile can be comfortable asking questions and gaining the knowledge needed.

Animal Ark
2730 Brookdale Drive
Kingwood, TX 77339
(281) 361-7387

The Animal Ark pet shop carries a full line of products that are desireable and suitable for any reptile owner. The knowledgable staff prides themselves on being able to answer a wide variety of questions regarding the proper care of reptiles and other animals as well. If you are not yet the owner of a reptile, but are interested in adding these creatures to your family, this shop also provides quality, locally bred animals for safety and convenience. This pet shop also features regular articles on their website about a variety of animal issues.

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Everything Pet Supplies
3616 North Fry Road
Katy, TX 77449
(281) 717-4060

Everything Pet Supplies is a one-stop-shop for pet owners, carrying a full line of pet supplies for a multitude of animals including reptiles. The pet shop not only sells everything needed to properly care for your reptiles, but also provides nutritional information in addition to coordinating a local club for Houston reptile owners to meet once per month with other reptile owners. The Houston Reptile Club meetings will be a place for reptiles and their owners to bond and get to know others in the area with Texas Parks and Wildlife being in attendance to answer any questions as well as represenatives from ZooMed Labs, Zilla, guest speakers and various distributors giving away free supplies. Everything in the reptile department will be 10% off (except for feeder items) for the duration of the meeting.

Bay Area Exotic Pets
1124 South Broadway
La Porte, TX 77571
(281) 470-8959

Bay Area Exotic Pets is a family-owned business and pet shop in the Houston area that caters to pet owners of all types and lifestyles. This store carries a full line of supplies, nutritional needs, decorations and other products for the reptile and thier owners. If it’s a particular reptile that you’re seeking, the staff at Bay Area Exotic Pets is capable of answering any questions, concerns and locating the right reptile for you.


Local pet shop haul
Local pet shop haul !!!
Croc in local pet shop
Croc in local pet shop
20-foot python attacks Newport reptile shop owner
20-foot python attacks Newport reptile shop owner
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