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reed frogsHave you been dreaming of a Pet Frog? There are hundreds of species of frogs in the world – there’s certainly a perfect pet frog for you! Many frogs make great pets! Josh’s Frogs breeds many different kinds of pet frogs, and has the knowledge and first hand experience to help you choose the right pet frog for you!

Some of the most popular pet frogs on the market are bumble bee toads, poison dart frogs, tree frogs, reed frogs, pacman frogs, Solomon Island leaf frogs, and mantellas. While all of these make great pet frogs, some are better suited as a first frog than others.

Small, easy to take care of, and inexpensive, bumble bee toads are the perfect frog pet. In fact, we think they’re the perfect pet frog for you, and we’ve put together a Bumble Bee Toad Gift Kit just for you and your loved ones!

Maintenance – Bumble bee toads are very easy to maintain. Requiring misting 2-4 times a week, and weekly cleaning, bumble bee toads can be maintained with less than 15 minutes of work a week.

Cost – Bumble bee toads have a low initial startup cost, and are inexpensive to care for long term, making them a great first frog pet. Buy one of our special Christmas Pet Frog Kits, and get all the stuff you need to keep a frog mailed to you, as well as a certificate for a bumble bee toad!

Feeding – Bumble Bee Toads will eat pinhead crickets or hydei fruit flies with gusto. While these smaller prey items may be available at a local pet store, many stores do not carry 1/8″ crickets or fruit flies. Fortunately, Josh’s Frogs carries all of the feeders you need!

Handleability – Bumble bee toads tolerate handling well, as their dry skin is very durable. It’s always a good idea to make sure to wash your hands after handing any animal. We recommend handling your bumble bee toads no more than 10 minutes at a time a few times a week, if at all.

Visibility / Boldness – Bumble bee toads are primarily diurnal, and will be active during the day. Coupled with their bright colors, bumble bee toads are very visible, and make great first frog pets.

Noise – Bumble bee toads have a moderately loud trilling call. Males do not call most of the time, but can be very vocal when kept humid and warm.

To learn more about keeping bumble bee toads as pets, please visit our . Ready to bring some bumble bee toads home? Josh’s Frogs is the only company actively breeding bumble bee toads in any numbers – check the bumble bee toads we have for sale today!

Maintenance – Poison dart frogs have a moderate level of routine maintenance compared to many other species, largely due to the regular misting and plant care required with a naturalistic vivarium.

Cost – Poison dart frogs do have a higher initial startup cost compared to many other frogs, due to the necessity of constructing them a naturalistic vivarium, and the higher individual costs of the animals. Long term costs are fairly low. Many of our customers will purchase a dart frog kit from us, then let the recipient pick out their frogs after the holidays.

Feeding – It is moderately easy to feed poison dart frogs. Most species are microphagus – they specialize in eating live insects 1/8″ or smaller. Flightless fruit flies are a staple feeder insect. Some pet stores carry fruit flies, but many do not. You may need to culture your own fruit flies.

Handleability – Poison dart frogs should not be handled. All captive bred poison dart frogs are harmless and nontoxic, but they do have thin, easily damaged skin. Poison dart frogs make great display animals, but should not be handled.

Visibility / Boldness – All regularly available poison dart frogs are diurnal, and will be active during the day. Some species can be very shy, barely being seen at all. Some species are the picture of boldness, spending virtually all of their time in plain sight.

Noise – Many species of poison dart frogs can make noise. The intensity and loudness varies greatly depending on species.

To learn more about keeping poison dart frogs as pets, please visit our . Ready to purchase your new pet frogs? Check out the healthy, captive bred pet poison dart frogs for sale at Josh’s Frogs!

Maintenance – Mantellas are generally kept in a naturalistic vivarium. Requiring misting 1-2 times a day and clean water, mantellas require a moderate level of maintenance.

Cost – Mantellas are similar to dart frogs, in that initial startup costs may be high, but long term costs are very low compared to many other pets. Like dart frogs, mantellas also make great pet frogs to gift on Christmas!

Feeding – Like dart frogs, mantellas are microphagus and require food under 1/8″ in size. Typically, they are fed 1/8″ crickets or fruit flies – both of which may or may not be carried at your local pet store. You may have to culture fruit flies for your pet mantella frogs at home.

Handleability – Captive bred mantellas are harmless and nontoxic, but should not be handled, due to their delicate skin. Mantellas are best treated as display animals. similar to tropical fish.

Visibility / Boldness – Mantellas are active during the day, and are generally out and about. They are visible most of the time, making them a fun pet frog to watch.

Noise – Mantellas will call during the day. This call is of a moderate volume, and rather pleasing.

To learn more about keeping mantellas as pets, please visit our . Think mantella frogs are the perfect pet frogs for you? Check out the healthy, captive bred mantellas for sale at Josh’s Frogs!

Maintenance – Tree frogs will need to be misted 1-2 times a day, require clean water daily, and should have their enclosure cleaned every 1-2 weeks.

Cost – Tree frogs have a moderate initial startup cost, and are generally relatively inexpensive pets.

Feeding – The vast majority of tree frogs, especially the ever popular red eye tree frog, will consume live crickets that are easily available at virtually every pet store.

Handleability – While tree frogs should not be handled frequently, many species tolerate occasional, gentle handling. Some frogs, such as White’s Tree Frogs, tolerate regular handling very well.


my pet tree frogs
my pet tree frogs
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