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We have two Crèmeino babies that were OOP 2/16/2016 and will be ready to go 4/12/2016.

We finally got our Jack and Jill babies as our girls kept blessing us with little girls. The male can be neutered for pet purposes and his price will decrease if so.

The babies are
66.5% Crèmeino het. 12% Albino het. 25% Silverbelle platinum het. 6.25% champagne het.

We can deliver right to your door or have them shipped to your nearest airport at owner's expenses.
They will come with their full pedigree, a bonding bag, treats, a couple sets of their pictures and care sheet.

Please do your research on these guys. You can find more information on them at suggie.info

They are $1, 200.00 with breeding rights. Payments plans are acceptable.

Also, willing to trade two skunks (chocolate and albino) for any various exotics such as a wallaby, genet, coati or Fennec fox. Both are tame and use the litter box successfully.

I have three females and one male white nose coatis. All are proven and have just gone through heat cycles so should be bred, no guarantee and way too early to tell. Price on all four is $2500 or willing to trade for Fennec Fox kit no older than six weeks of age. Shipping is available at buyers cost. You may call, text or email and thank you for looking.
Oklahoma City
Now taking deposits on Fennec Fox Kits. They are currently 2 1/2 weeks old and are still nursing with mom. Pictured is momma, current litter and a previous kit of hers. Mom is not for sale. The parents have the best disposition I've ever seen and she is a great mom. Fennecs are great program animals.
Can meet at Lollis. 50 3 boys, 1 girl available.

Fennec Fox Pet

The Fennec Fox is the smallest of the foxes. This makes them more sought after as a pet. The large ears is a major characteristic that makes them so easily identified from other fox species. The ears are used to radiate body heat and lower their temperature, they have adopted to surviving the Sahara desert. Their coat is very soft and beige in color. The soles of the feet are covered in long fur to allow the fox to travel on the desert sand very easily. The natural habitat that you will find a fennec fox is in the Sahara desert of Africa. They enjoy living in the sandy areas that contain dunes.

Fennec Fox Diet

Their diet includes small rodents, birds, reptiles, eggs, and insects. They will also eat fruits and seeds. They will have a favorite spot to eat at. This may be anywhere, so make sure that there is not any toxics in the cage that could be digested with the food, like litter that you may have in their litter pan. The fox will hunt for its food at night.

Owning a Fennec Fox

The Fennec Fox is a social animal. They will be found in the wild in groups of up to 10-15 individuals. Fennec's being a social animal will make them a good pet because like the domestic dog, they will enjoy your company and want to be with you. But like any social animal, you may come across one that wants to be the dominant one in the group With training, you can keep this in check.

Housing for a Fennec Fox

The fox lives in dens that they will dig themselves. These dens can be several yards deep. Fennec's dig at great speeds which is something to think about when considering one for a pet. They may dig out of the yard quickly if precautions are not taken. They are small enough to fit through a chain linked fence.

It would be best to build an enclosure specifically for the fox that is dig proof. Or for enrichment for the fox, dig the wire fencing down into the ground about 8-10 feet below their enclosure so that they can dig. Digging is a natural behavior that they will do. Also they may show this digging behavior in your home.

Source: exoticanimalsforsale.net

Exotic Pet Cat Serval Eats 10 Live Mice
Exotic Pet Cat Serval Eats 10 Live Mice
Exotic Pets - Fennec Fox
Exotic Pets - Fennec Fox
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