Baby turtles for sale Near me


I have terminated my relationship with UPS and I am happy to announce Fedex as my new carrier. This has allowed me to drop my
next day shipping rates and offer a better more streamlined service to my customers. My next day priority will drop to $42 and
this service in most locations has a guaranteed delivery by 10:30 a.m. This is the service you want to use if the daily high in your area is
greater than 86 degrees. The 2nd day service ($25) is good for moderate temps and it is an afternoon delivery that can run into
the evening occasionally. But if it is near 90 in your location the day your shipment arrives don't choose 2nd day service. :(
You will be sent a Fedex tracking # the day your shipment goes out. Next day priority shipments go out Monday thru
Thursday and 2nd day shipments go out Monday thru Wednesday. I can also ship to your work or place of business. Or where you know
someone will be home during the day. Saturday delivery is available but must be arranged over the phone and has an
additional $15 charge by Fedex. You can also arrange for pick up at the local Fedex distribution center at your convenience. Live
arrival is guaranteed and I do appreciate people checking in to let me know their order has arrived and all is well. If there happens to be a
problem let me know early on.

Do not attempt to log in to check the status of your order. I will e-mail you a tracking # the evening that I ship you out. This way you can
follow your package and see that it has arrived in your location and is out for delivery. You will not learn anything by logging into your account
and checking status. That is more of an feature than a turtle farm thing. It is not compatible with my business but it is part of the
website template and I cannot disable it.

I cannot ship to the following states; California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, or Hawaii. If you live in Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, or Illinois
(Ill. residents e-mail this guy; You have a permit process that must be followed before I can ship you. Alaska residents
have different shipping costs. KEEP the receipt for your turtle. Someday you may need it for proof of origin.

YOU are responsible for understanding your local laws pertaining to this species. I can answer a lot of questions but laws change and it is
impossible for me to keep up with every change.

Finally I ask that you do not request gender as I do not incubate eggs for gender specific babies nor can I visually tell the gender of a baby turtle.


Unboxing My Baby Red Eared Slider Turtles From
Unboxing My Baby Red Eared Slider Turtles From
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