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Exotic pets today are no more something rare. Many people all across the United Kingdom want keep reptiles and other unusual creatures at home. Though such attempts do not surprise anyone, people have to remember that exotic animals in captivity have the same needs as the wild ones do. It concerns their environment, diet, and the features of their behavior.

Commonly-kept exotic pets include lizards, frogs, snakes, turtles and spiders. There are a lot of options for all those who have a wish to have an exotic pet. Nevertheless, before buying one, there is a need for knowing how to take care of an exotic pet.

Pet lizards


These creatures have wonderful personalities and are suitable for beginners. Their enclosure has to be made of paper towels, newspaper, reptile carpet, or tile. You have to pay attention to the lighting, heating, and temperatures. Furthermore, you have to provide your gecko a proper food. It means crickets and mealworms should always be in your house if your gecko is hungry.

Brookesia Minima and Brookesia Micra

Chameleons are beautiful creatures, and they require much care. To keep your pet healthy and happy, make sure that the reptarium has enough space. It has to be twice the size of the one you bought. Furthermore, you will need proper ventilation. Chameleon's diet mainly consists of crickets, wax worms, meal worms, super worms, flies, moths, and grasshoppers. It is nice to mix the diet and add some bugs and spiders. You have to take care of water and temperature.

Blue Tegu

These creatures grow rapidly, so you have to be sure they have enough space. You will need to purchase 40-gallon aquarium (it is a minimum) if you want your pet to feel comfortable. Blue Tegu are meat eaters, but you can also feed them with fruits and vegetables. Provide your pet enough water and do not forget about thermometer and hygrometer. These creatures also need a hiding spot to feel comfortable.


Whether you want to have a Desert Rain Frog, Breviceps Macrops, or Solomon Island Leaf Frog, you have to keep in mind some general rules.

First of all, you have to consider the sizes of a frog to follow space requirements. The second point is 'alive' food. Frogs love it much! You can feed it with crickets or worms. You will also have to place a tank in a suitable location, kept out of direct sunlight, smoke, and other fumes. You will have to cover the bottom of a tank with gravel stones or anything your frog likes. Note that you will also have to follow light and temperature requirements. Enough water is one of the main rules you have to keep in mind. By the way, if you choose a frog pet, you have to minimize handling.


Boomslang Snake, Corn Snake, and White Snake are very popular today. Nevertheless, these creatures require much care, time and attention. Th list of things you will need before buying a snake is the following: vivarium, water bowl, substrate, something for the snake to climb, heat mat for the half of the vivarium, light, thermometer, hydrometer and two hides.If you are not scared by the list above and still dream about having a snake, keep in mind the following rules.

First of all, your snake needs fresh water, so do not forget to change it regularly. Maintain the vivarium clean cleaning it with hot water at least once a month. You will have to create a feeding place outside the vivarium. By the way, shakes prefer 'alive' food, so make sure you are ready to provide it.


Most people believe turtles are easy to care for. It is true that turtles are wonderful pets, but they require much time and money. You will need at least a 40-gallon tank to make your pet feel happy. You will need a UVB light bulb as well.You will have to monitor the temperatures and clean a tank at least once a week. A turtle needs fresh water, so you will need to change it every day. You will have to feed your turtle depending on its age. Fruits and vegetables are good for your pet.


Cobalt Blue Tarantula

This beautiful spider is not recommended for the beginners. It is very fast, shy and should not be handled. The terrarium has to be 20 – 25cm deep, so you spider can feel safe and comfortable. The important thing you have to pay attention to is a humidity level. It has to be around 60- 70%. You can achieve it by spraying spider's area once a week. The diet of a Cobalt Blue Tarantula consists of crickets, roaches, mealworms, and superworms. Anyways, if you are a beginner, this spider is not the best choice. Still, it is good for all those who are keen on tarantulas. * * * * Carpet Cleaning Redditch
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